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Space tourism involves travelling in to the space by people for leisure, adventure or investment by established space tourism businesses. It is an expensive undertaking that satisfies the curiosity of people regarding how the space looks like. Virgin Galactic is one of the emerging companies that have taken advantage of the new investment opportunity. Space environment on the other hand is likely to be affected by space tourism due to the black carbon emitted by the rockets involved in space tourism. This paper analyses space tourism and space environment in modern day. It highlights the relationship between modern technology and space tourism. It also talks about how the space is related to astronomy and the efforts by scientists to promote space tourism.
Space Tourism and Space Environment
The modern day space environment is no longer a mystery to humans. Yuri Gagarin of Russia was the first person to experience space adventure in 1961. Since then, technological advances have enabled space exploration, with new discoveries being made from time to time. Scientists have significantly contributed to the development of space tourism. Noteworthy inventions by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) have transformed human life through increasing accessibility to space. The agency has made it possible for astronauts to go to the moon and also to walk around planet Mars with robotic automobiles. The invention of the tri-axis control design has had a significant influence on modern space explorations, helping astronauts to effectively focus their satellites on the target. This has been important in increasing efficiency and precision in astronomical discoveries (Birchard, 2003).
In the last five years, NASA has focu...

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...ratosphere and hence should not be ignored. Space tourism is therefore likely to generate significant disquiet among conservationists.

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