The Space Race Between The Soviet Union And The United States

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john F. Kennedy was the president to state that sending a man to space was an urgent national need, “This nation should commit itself to achieving the goal, before the decade is out, of landing a man on the moon and returning him safely to the earth.” The inspiration for wanting to carry out this action was the Cold War, specifically the space race between the Soviet Union and the United States. Challenged by Sputnik, innovated by the Soviet Union, launched in 1957; the United States responded with Explorer 1 a few months later. Thus, this was the commencement for the U.S space program where its initial participants could be described in two words: male and white. From when the first male American went into space in 1961, it took 22 years for an American woman to accomplish this same goal. Randy Lovelace tried to help this cause. He conducted his project, Project Mercury Test, and it evaluated who was fit to become astronaut. This project recognized that women were optimal to become astronauts; from these discoveries, women had always been considered for inclusion into the space program. They weighed less than men, and they needed less resources such as oxygen and food. When summing up the weight required by women, it would come to be significantly less compared to men leading to a less requirement of fuel. Unfortunately, this project was not successful despite the higher scores women due to gender stereotypes and rejection from having no official permission by NASA. NASA implemented its qualifications for astronauts, but these qualifications were indirectly subjected for only men to qualify for. This was partly due to President Eisenhower’s decision when he said that only jet test pilots would be considered for Astronauts Corps.... ... middle of paper ... ...reference to this group, Thirty-Five New Guys, did no justice in highlighting the six women who achieved being a part of this group. The moment society was waiting for, finally presented itself in 1983. Individuals celebrated of joy when Sally Ride was the first American female astronaut in space. Then before we knew it, we had the second women in space, Judy Resnik. The opportunities that aroused from these accomplishments definitely created hope for minorities in any field. Still, in today’s society, the potential women have is often underestimated. While we have gained more rights, there is still that pressure of conforming to gender stereotypes. They are very similar to the ones discussed in this documentary such as if a woman can do it then there is not much success to measure. This is the fight that we feminists must endure to rightfully gain our privileges.

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