Space Exploration : Funding A Solution Essay

Space Exploration : Funding A Solution Essay

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Space Exploration:
Funding a solution.
From the United States to North Korea people constantly encounter droughts, famine, war, and disease. Currently, the approach is to handle each of these situations independently and reactively. People are encouraged to donate money, energy, and time to resolve these issues, but because the focus on resources, time and energy is unilateral, efforts tend to get duplicated. This puts the citizens of earth in a cumbersome position to compete over finite resources. The solution to all of these worldly issues lies in traveling where no man has ventured before. Focusing on space exploration will force people to come up with immediate solutions to address earth’s current issues. Historically the focus on space travel has led to unparalleled times of peace, prosperity, and technological innovation. While currently, the United States turns toward politics or war to solve issues, these policies move us away from mutual success and only present temporary solutions to permanent problems. It is the responsibility of nations like the U.S., China, and Russia to lead the way into the stars. These countries must unite and chose to help growing nations build space programs. This would unite the earth toward a common goal eliminating the need for war, solve current food and water shortages, and result in better treatment of disease. 
In 2002, the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, Foresight, and Governance Project commissioned the, “Millennium Project” (W.H. Siegfried 1270). It identified the top 46 challenges people share globally (W.H. Siegfried 1270). Rounding out the top 3 in 2002 were clean food, water, energy, and eliminating all major diseases (W.H. Siegfried 1271). Since 2002, the list ...

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...ructure of a country like North Korea. Current U.N. polices isolate countries like North Korea. Then interestingly countries like the United States provide aid to them after enforcing these hardships. Instead of giving North Korea the proverbial fish, teach them how to fish through building an economy through the space industry.
The Space industry has the potential to drastically revolutionize the way humans eat, drink, and socialize. However, before that happens Humans need to begin to thinking outside one or two issues. They need to look long term at how how different issues are connected across multiple industries. Here the focus was on funding Space exploration, and how it could solve a variety of issues currently facing the inhabitants of the Earth by creating a uniformed front against, diseases, toxic water and food, while building connections to prevent war.

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