Essay about Space Exploration Beyond Low Earth Orbit

Essay about Space Exploration Beyond Low Earth Orbit

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Space exploration beyond low earth orbit is considered by many to be essential to the survival or the human race. However, exploring deep space is not an easy task. There are many obstacles standing in the way of astronauts and scientists wishing to send humans into space. Some of the most prevalent issues surrounding manned space flight are bone loss, eyesight loss, radiation, and mental stress. Regarding getting to space and staying there for long periods of time in a hostile environment, many have been working to create incredibly complex rockets. These rockets are incredibly expensive and often fail on first the attempt at flight. The two main branches of science involved with these issues and with sending humans to space are biology and physics.
One person who has been influential in the process of sending humans to space is Dr. David L. Tomko, Human Exploration, and Operations Mission Director: Life and Physical Sciences Division. Tomko has led the biology side of sending humans to space under NASA for many years. His goals are clear in this 2014 lecture on the role of biology in space. “FSB has three primary goals: 1) to effectively use microgravity and the other characteristics of the space environment to enhance our understanding of fundamental biological processes; 2) to develop the scientific and technological foundations for a safe, productive human presence in space for extended periods and in preparation for exploration; and 3) to apply this knowledge and technology to improve our nation 's competitiveness, education, and the quality of life on Earth.” (Tomko, 2014)
He has published many reports on how NASA plans to support manned missions into space well into the future. Tomko has also written a book “Sensing a...

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... A theory would be the most difficult thing for them to create, as the work they are doing is still very much in its early stages, and there is not a lot of concrete data to work with yet.
There are many issues facing both Tomko and Musk. The main issue is that manned space flight is incredibly dangerous. “I think the first journeys to Mars will be really very dangerous. The risk of fatality will be high.” (Musk 2016) Both Musk and Tomko accept the risk involved and are working on making it as safe as it can be. However, there is only so much they can do. The fact is that space is such a harsh, uninhabited environment lends itself to danger. Some, like the late astronaut Neil Armstrong, were against the idea of commercial spaceflight. But many people feel that it is worth the risk to explore other planets, to colonize other planets, and to venture into deep space.

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