Space Exploration : A Huge Part Of Our Universe Essay

Space Exploration : A Huge Part Of Our Universe Essay

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Space is a huge part of our universe that everyone fails to consider home. Home in a sense: that messy part of someone’s room that you’re afraid to venture. The distinct possibility of ET arriving on our footstep seems thrilling, yet daunting. However, the price of space exploration is up for debate. Supporters of exploration admit the possibilities of its findings. Meanwhile, opponents press for government money to be solely directed towards our planet. Space has the potential to have unforeseen benefits or dangers. Despite the possibilities, people will always question the tangible effects of space exploration. People tend to dwell on tangible effects of space exploration in terms of: resources, money, universal gain. Nevertheless, the true gain of space exploration is the knowledge of seeing our perspective bigger than we do today. Space exploration makes the possibility of helping the earth eminent and all possibilities limitless. It makes the possibility of friend or foe to come together and view the universe for what it is: an opportunity to make amends for the years of deforestation, extinction, and global warming. It gives humans the potential for a better future. The most important issues concerning space exploration should revolve the potential effects and all the positive benefits of exploration.

Without space exploration, All nations can never be united under one goal. All countries have different goals towards different topics. Yet, space exploration can be the mortar to fill the cement of everyone 's divergent views. According to the Space review, Space is the goal for most nations. Nations that usually disagreed such as Russia and the U.S wanted to come together and achieve walking on the moon ! (Source A) ...

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...ney. Space exploration will brings more benefits with more resources and time. If the taxpayer money is taken from space exploration it would be a waste of money, time, and resources( Source H). Money is one of the important factors to consider in space exploration, but it should primarily be on the knowledge gained. The knowledge everyday people have about the planets, suns, and moons defeats any other organism or animal. Previously, our descents believed

Space exploration has many benefits and faults. There are many factors consider when making the decision to support space exploration: money, resources, benefits, technologies, diseases, effects. However, the main priority everyone has usually revolves: work, sleep, school, marriage, college, and etc. Maybe space exploration will connect us all as people versus each person being in their own world.

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