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Space By Charlotte Perkins Gilman Essay

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In 19th century art, architecture and literature specific spaces such as the attic, studies and private garden were perceived as places of imagination and contemplation within a home. There is no one meaning to the term ‘space’ and throughout time and with the evolution of literature and architecture, space can be seen and understood in many different ways. It can be as literal as erecting walls and a roof creating a surrounded space or in the way Gaston Bachelard in ‘the poetics of space’ so deeply analysis, that it is our own creative minds and imagination in which we create intimate spaces. The house becomes a home from those who inhabit it. In Gilbert and Gubars ‘The mad women in the attic’ and ‘The Yellow wallpaper” by charlotte Perkins Gilman, we understand how the attic was a place of inhabitants by women in this time in history. These literary texts illustrate how in the 19th century the role of these spaces encouraged imagination and contemplation. Imagination is the action of forming new ideas and these literary texts examine how we use this to create intimate spaces, though in contemporary times these ideas are lost within a modern world with too much wasted space in our homes and therefore failing to inspire imagination.

Throughout time, as the findings and ideas of literature, philosophy and social theories have also evolved, the meaning and understanding of the term ‘space’ has evolved with it. Whenever new literary theories were developed so did the concepts of space, and we see this in the different analysis of Gaston Bachelard’s findings in The poetics of space, Charlotte Perkins Gilman The Yellow wallpaper, and space in the modern world. It was from around 1900 to 1914 where this concept about ...

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... inhabiting it, and the already conceived resting place is what in turn influences the dream.

The Attic in a building sense, gives the feel for the entire structure of the house. It can be used for many different functions but it is the roles of the space which our imagination creates. He continuously presents that the attic is a metaphor for the clarity of the mind and was fascinated by the dreams in which the attic created in ones mind. The attic was a space which connected so much to the mind because it the only space separated and away from the main areas of the house where one could have clear thoughts. We relate the sky to being calm and clear so because the attic is one of the highest points in a house closest to the sky it is where thoughts are the most clearest and this is why Bachelard studies the attic spaces as places of contemplation and imagination..

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