The Soviet Union Of The Ussr Essay

The Soviet Union Of The Ussr Essay

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Censorship run by the rulers of the USSR began when the state and church separated in 1918, and lasted until the late 1980’s. The Glavit, which was the censorship office, was created in 1922. Its purpose was to reject everything that opposed the new Soviet rule and that would “corrupt” its citizens’ minds to resist authority. The Glavit controlled disapproving newspapers, visual and performing arts, and all written publications. There was much hope that a municipal society would develop after the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991. Unfortunately, this problem is left unsettled. The Russian Federation still suffers from inadequate freedom of the press, politics, and artistic interpretation.
Joseph Stalin, the former USSR supreme leader, censored anything that did not support the Soviet State including media that depicted signs of revolution, society, fighting for justice, depictions of the poor and the corruption of social classes. Stalin created numerous committees to monitor all forms of media. Socialist Realism became the only acceptable form of depiction in 1932. The Union of Writers was created soon after to guarantee that the writers were following the Marxist-Leninist requirements. The Communist Party was atheist because religion was believed to overpower all existing social conditions that affected government, laws, and the economy. Stalin believed that for him to keep his power, he would practice monism, which means that whatever society does is the result of how society looks like physically (art, fashion, architecture, literature, news) and how the influence of a person’s surroundings affect a person’s mind. The only purpose for media according to Stalin was to boost the amelioration of communism and socialism. Aleksa...

... middle of paper ... follow specific state-governed goals and to show examples of how they should live and behave. Journalism was used to encourage the masses and to spread communist ideas. For doing Stalin’s dirty work, the journalists were awarded job security and rewards. Later, under the command of Mikhail Gorbachev, journalists used mass media to reveal crimes committed during the communism generation. They also helped support for improvement of the Perestroika and Glasnost era, and also to cut down on political oppositions. During the late Soviet and early post-Soviet times was considered to be the “golden years” for journalists. There was freedom of political and trading markets, and they were able to report on anything they thought that was meaningful. The media outlets approved tabloid journalism during this time and the abundance of the freedom of the media were endorsed.

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