Essay on The Soviet Union Of Stalin

Essay on The Soviet Union Of Stalin

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Following the death of Stalin in 1953 the Soviet Union faced a crossroads, a majority of citizens were glad to see Stalin’s rule come, however as Kenez states, there were no real feeling of relief but rather extreme feeling of anxiety. Due to Stalin’s long reign, most of the working class individuals had never experienced a Soviet Union without Stalin at the helm, therefore the feelings of uncertainty were intensified. These feeling began to change when Khrushchev took power, his powerful tone and new ideas made the Soviet Citizens begin to trust him. Khrushchev made many promises during his tenure, such as promising to improve consumer goods, improve the conditions for farmers, and an expansion of housing stock. These promises, coupled with a rebirth of Soviet greatness in several aspects such as space exploration, music, film, sports and chess, made the Soviet citizens proud of their country and their strong nationalism made them optimistic about the future. The strong rise in Soviet pride and nationalism can be attributed to three major categories: government improvement, science and arts improvements, and success in sports. Unfortunately, the Soviet Union began to lose its luster after the promises by the government were not met and the rest of the world began to catch up to the Soviet Union in other aspects.
The first major reason while the citizens of the Soviet Union experienced an increased sense of nationalism can be attributed to the changing governmental policies put forth by Khrushchev. For example in 1957, Kruschev began to introduce a plan that would make the Soviet Union the largest producer of meat, milk and butter in the world, because he viewed consumption of these three products to be a strong measure of materi...

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...skill of the Soviets, the nationalism began to dwindle.
Although the post Stalin Soviet Union began with a large amount of uncertainty, the rise of Kruschev in the late 1950s caused a rebirth in Soviet culture. With an idealistic leader, other margins of soviet life began to improve, along with the government. The increase of technology and skill of the Soviet Union in the sectors of arts and sciences, as well as sports, created a culture for the Soviets to be extremely proud of. The upward momentum of the Soviet Union gave the citizens hope and optimism about the future. Sadly, however, over ambitious government programs, and an increase in skill across the world, began to make the Soviet Union less unique, and began to decrease the pride in the Soviet Union. This decrease in nationalism server as one of the major bedrocks of the final collapse of the Soviet Union.

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