Southern Utah Community and History Essay

Southern Utah Community and History Essay

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The formation of Southern Utah is one of fascination. The Virgin River Anasazi were St. George’s earliest residents, occupying the area for over twelve hundred years. They left behind rock art and ruins of their dwellings. There vanishing from the area and leaving behind their dwellings and art is still a mystery to this day. The Paiute people arrived shortly after and have lived there ever since, utilizing the area as a hunting ground for deer, rabbits and other animals. The Paiutes also grew crops along the riverbeds, including corn, wheat and melons. In 1776, the Dominguez-Escalante Party became the first recorded European-Americans to visit the area. Fur trappers and government survey parties followed.
The first permanent settlers that made their way down to what is known St. George, Utah went through a tough and hospitable land none of them expected to give them that much trouble. In 1854, the settlers were sent by Brigham Young, the president of the Mormon Church. There were scouts that were sent first to try and establish an early relationship with the Paiutes Indians. The most famous of these early scouts was a man named Jacob Hamblin. He was the one that helped establish the most peace and connections with the local Indians and that would help the later settlers that were to come live and prosper in the new and harsh land they had decided to colonize.
The initial settlers that were sent down were in fact chosen by the way of that the settler’s names were randomly put in a top hat and drawn out to see who was going. Over Three hundred and nine families were called to colonize and set up what was then called The Dixie Cotton Mission. While the early settlers did manage to grow cotton, it was very hard to try and keep...

... middle of paper ... of the top 100 safest places in America. In conclusion the Sothern Utah area is one that has a long and rich culture and history that would intrigue anyone.

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