Southern Blacks and The Issue of Divorce Essay

Southern Blacks and The Issue of Divorce Essay

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I hate divorce” says the Lord God of Israel (Kings James Bible, 1996)
Divorce is the legal severing of marital bonds and is on the rise in North America. In 2011, divorce in Blacks or African Americans is at an all-time high. Divorce has many implications for a society. If current trends continue, researches postulated that if African American children were not born outside of wedlock, the African American population would fail to reproduce itself and would rapidly die off. Blacks who are married live longer, are wealthier, happier, and choose healthy behaviors compared to Blacks who are divorced. Many Blacks living in the South or the “Bible Belt” of America profess faith in Christ or other spiritual connections, are often frequent church attendees, and would be more apt to participate in Christian Divorce support groups that recommend forgiveness.
Forgiveness has received much attention in recent years and is associated with improve physical and mental health. Hurst (2011, para. 4) suggests that “forgiveness can not only heals peo-ple, relationships, and families, it can unite nations”. Many major religions including Christianity have under¬stood and recommended the spiritual healing power of forgiveness for years. Forgiveness in divorce is critical for personal and societal recovery, but can be a long, slow, and painful process. Research into divorce continues to grow paint a contrary picture in a community that prides itself on its spiritual roots and support for families. This article will review the role of faith and forgiveness on the health of Southern Blacks and document the role of Christian divorce support groups.

Key words: Divorce, Blacks, Faith, Spirituality, Divorce Support Groups, and Diseases.


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