Essay on South West of China: The Sichuan Province

Essay on South West of China: The Sichuan Province

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In terms of size, Sichuan is the fifth largest province to the southwest of China, and it has two distinct geographical parts. One part lies within the eastern part of the province and is largely characterized by a fertile area known as the Sichuan basin. The western part of the province is characterized by a highly mountainous geography. The eastern part is surrounded by a series of lower mountain ranges from the east, south, and north. The province has a competitive economy that matches that of fully declared countries in terms of GDP and per capita income. By 2008, the province had transacted more than US$ 22 billion in terms of foreign trade, translating into a yearly surge of 53.3%. While these figures are largely influenced by the China’s policy on foreign trade, the geography of the province has also had a substantive part to play in making its economy a success.
Over the years, Sichuan has had more stability in almost all of its affairs as opposed to the other parts of China. From a province that was once inaccessible due to a lack of transport connectivity to the rest of the country, Sichuan has emerged as one of the crucial players in the development of the economy of China. Major efforts have been focused on developing the infrastructure of the province, a process that has achieved great success. Currently, the province boasts of long lengths of highways and expressways extending to more than 110000 and 1500 kilometers respectively. However, the province still has some challenges in regard to the transportation of products and people mainly due to the highly mountainous terrain.
The province has a host of successful industries ranging from nuclear, bioengineering, stomatology, electronic infor...

... middle of paper ... is the stability of the geographical boarders and administration of the province. This is an important factor for foreign investors like Wal-Mart, as it affects the stability of the operations of a business. Venturing into Sichuan would therefore, be a wise decision by Wal-Mart in respect of the evidence presented in this research. Having been a centre of investments from the international community and from local investors in other parts of China, Sichuan is the ideal location for any intended expansion of operations by Wal-Mart. As such, I would recommend that the company establishes a factory or a retail store in Sichuan as both stand to succeed in a very friendly geographical location that is Sichuan. The geography of the province comes with many added and associated benefits that would enable the conduct of business by Wal-Mart in the region.

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