South Korea 's Economic Impact On Its Infrastructure Essay

South Korea 's Economic Impact On Its Infrastructure Essay

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South Korea

South Korea is also known as The Republic of Korea consists mostly of hills and mountains with wide coastal plains. It is home to over 50 million people and is one of the fastest growing economies in Asia, which is on the Korean Peninsula, below the border of a heavily fortified Korean Demilitarized Zone (DMZ). This is in use mainly by its Republic of Korea Army since the end of the Korean War in 1953. South Korea’s economy has grown faster than North Korea since the 1960s. South Korea has many land variants, which also help with its trades, resources and its ability to mass produce crops due to favoring lands and technology which has made a positive impact on its infrastructure. The Republic of Korea’s Army also upholds to the success of South Korea’s economy. South Korea is located in the eastern most part of the Asian continent. South Korea has 2,413 kilometers (1,499 mi) of coastline along three seas. To the West is the Yellow Sea, to the South is the East China Sea, and to the East is Ulleung-do and Dok-do in the Sea of Korea (East Sea). It is surrounded by about 3,000 volcanic islands, which are small and uninhabited. Jeju Island is the largest island in South Korea, which is the site of not only the highest point of South Korea but also a volcano called Halla-San that is well thought-out to be active, but has not erupted in centuries. Today, the country is split by the mountainous Demilitarized Zone, which is 160 miles long and established after the Korean War following the Korean Armistice Agreement dividing the Korean Peninsula into North and South Korea. South Korea has many hills and mountains, but they are small compared to others around the world. Lowlands are located in the west and southeast, which ...

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...r with North Korea forces them to maintain a large force and host over 37,000 U.S troops as a precaution from North Korea’s unpredictability. South Korea simulates its power and defensive abilities with an annual military exercise that also involve U.S forces. This goes to show that South Korea is ready if North Korea attempts to attack that the Republic of Korea has the technology and power to surely counter fire and are always on ready for an all out war. Along with its military Conscription Law, where men are subject to compulsory military service, South Korea currently has among the longest military service periods in the world. All in all, South Korea is a small country with a lot of people so there is a huge demand for space and is known for one of the strongest economies in Eastern Asia, where most of its wealth comes from manufacturing and service industries.

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