South Korea And The Soviet Union Essay

South Korea And The Soviet Union Essay

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South Korea is located in Eastern Asia. The terrain is full of mountains and hills, and contains coastal plains in the west and south. The total area of the country is 99,720 sq km: about the same size as that of Wyoming. As the name suggests, it is located in the southern half of the Korean Peninsula—a peninsula which borders the Sea of Japan and Yellow Sea, and a peninsula which has had tensions surrounding it since the Cold War. The entire peninsula of Korea gained its independence from Japan following World War II. As tensions following the war grew, tensions which ultimately culminated in the Cold War, a democratic-backed government was set up in the South, while a communist-backed government was set up in the North—the Republic of Korea and Democratic People’s Republic of Korea respectively. During the Korean war which occurred from 1950 to 1953, United States and United Nations troops fought alongside the southern government to defend the new democratic-backed government from the north which was backed by China and the Soviet Union. Eventually in 1953 an armistice was agreed upon, splitting the peninsula along the 38th parallel and creating both a North and South korea. Since the conflict, South Korea has rapidly grown economically, held its first free presidential election in 1987, and had its first female leader, Park Geun-hye, in 2013. Furthermore, the nation holds a seat on the UN Security Council, and will even host the 2018 Winter Olympic Games. In recent times, tension between North Korea and South Korea have grown as North Korea continues to conduct nuclear missile tests.
According to the CIA’s world factbook, South Korea has a population of approximately 49 million people. Of this population, about 14.1 percent i...

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...monstrates, the country’s GDP reliance on exporting manufactured goods is quite high, despite the service sector already accounting for 55 percent and the manufacturing sector accounting for 40 percent. Nevertheless, the service sector is going to need to increase in order to create a proper and stable economy. In comparison, 80 percent of the United States GDP relies on service, and only 19.5 percent on manufacturing. The main reason that this high 40 percent reliance on manufacturing is bad, is that in bad economic times for any of its buyers, South Korea’s economy will be heavily impacted. For instance, in the last few years the United States, China, and European markets have been fairly sluggish. Because of this, those economies are buying less, and by extension, South Korea can’t export as many goods—therefore resulting in a decline for South Korea’s own economy.

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