Essay about South Kore A Long Time Friend And Ally Of The United States

Essay about South Kore A Long Time Friend And Ally Of The United States

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South Korea has been a long time friend and ally of the United States of America. However, if this were to change there are many key factors that would need to be analyzed if war was to break out between the two countries. This is a brief look into some of the factors that make South Korea the country it is today and how it operates.
Looking at South Korea there is a long time line of different forms of government. Today the South Korea we know is not the same South Korea that uses to exist. South Korea, or The Republic of South Korea is a democratic government with short periods of autocratic rule. It was first established in 1948, and was formed from the divide of the country after World War II, when the country was split between Russian and U.S occupation along the 38th parallel. “Since 1948 The Republic of South Korea has been the only formally recognized government in Korea by the United Nations (New World Encyclopedia, 2014). The reorganization of South Korea kicked off the Korean War that lasted until the 1950’s, where despite all the conflict and battles the lines between North and South Korea remained the same. Due to this war, both North and South Korea have remained at a state of cold war with each other with no active engagement between the two countries. However, South Korea remains at a level of high alert in fear of a surprise attack from their neighbors to the north, causing a large portion of their government budget to be on military spending.
South Koreas’ military also known as the Republic of South Korea Army (ROK) is ranked 7th in military forces across the world. If you were to break down the total military force of South Korea in the active duty military it would equal a total of 690,000 troops...

... middle of paper ...

...s is roughly about how much rain some tropical environments get, which is the reason for much of the dense vegetation found in some parts of the country.(World Weather & Climate lnformation, 2016)

It is apparent when looking at South Korea it is very important not to under estimate the country by its size. There are many economic, political, and military factors to take into consideration. On the opposite side, there are many advantages that the United States of America has over South Korea. Whereas they have a mandated military ours is all volunteer, where there military assets are small, the United States of America has the largest, best equipped military in the world. Having known all this, it goes without saying that a war against South Korea would be a tough fought battle and there would be many obstacles to overcome if it were to come to that point.

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