Essay on The South: Educating a Growing Hispanic Population

Essay on The South: Educating a Growing Hispanic Population

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For many years the United States minority population mostly consisted of African Americans. In 2003, the statistic changed to Hispanics becoming the largest minority population in the United Sates (Parrado & Kandel, 2010). With the increase of the Hispanic population, education concerns of this population have started to arise. In some cases, Hispanics are being over referred to special education programs. This phenomenon is linked to the presence of a language barrier as well as other characteristics of the children in this population (Guiberson, 2009). Although the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) specify that language barriers should be ruled out, it seems that this phenomena continues, but could be corrected with proper education techniques (Ornstein & Levine, 2007).
Statement of the Problem
Due to the increased representation of the Hispanic population it is likely that this population has also increased in the nation’s grade school educational system. With the change in demographics it is important to uncover the best way to educate the current population, without causing any educational setbacks. Currently there are little to no research that has been reported on how the educational system has addressed this issue in southern United States.
Review of Literature
Over the last two decades, immigration to the United States have grown significantly. In a study conducted by Guiberson (2009) the Hispanic population has to become the largest minority in the US. Within the geographical boarders of the US, the southern states collectively have been reported to have had a 204 percent grow rate during the 1990s (Parrado & Kandel, 2010). It is expected that this growing population would also show ...

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...veness of the intervention the use of a paired-samples t test will be used. The variables of both surveys from the district that received the intervention will be compared to similar district's variables. Using hypnosis testing will help determine the probability that intervention changed the frequency of referrals to special education. The results of the test would also determine the accuracy of the referral process of southern school districts by comparing the results of the two school districts.

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