South Africa Social Equity And Social Development Essay examples

South Africa Social Equity And Social Development Essay examples

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Education is seen as one of the major indicates of a nations growth; socially and economically. This article suggest that higher education can produce benefits to South Africa public and private sectors. Roles of higher education cannot be left out of the financial support of the South Africa. Colleges and universities must be seen as the critical necessities for the lawmakers. This would create trends that would develop the overall economy within South Africa which would assist with the loss of autonomy, infrastructural decay falling academic standard, politicization and privations of education (Shrivastava & Shrivastava, 2014).

Introduction: South Africa social equity and social development
South African higher education shows much promise with the knowledge production and dissemination, to contributing to social equity, economic and social development and democracy, and the development needs of Southern African region and the African continent (Shrivastava & Shrivastava, 2014). Higher education worldwide is under pressure with new policies and the role of many of intuitions in the public sector have to evolve with the current trends as well. In South Africa for example, given the investments in higher education public policy has continue to promote some social inequality in the society. With the investment, the social inequalities which happens in the society are being notice, if there were a continuous lack of development and devalue of education many of those inequalities would not have been addressed.
According to Shrivastava & Shrivastava, higher education institution exists at the intersection of state, market and civil society each with their own specific expectations and internal logic. I concur with Manuel...

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...ology in Higher Education
Under pressure from receding state support and increasing operating costs, universities around the world are turning to new technology for coping with increasingly large classes and static faculty numbers from clicker and whiteboards enabled in the classroom sittings (Shrivastava & Shrivastava, 2014). One of the struggles nowadays is the lack of resources, this has caused the Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). With the aim of online course to become interactive and engaging it also allows for a massive amount of students to enroll. Developed and developing countries are using software from the United States companies because of their desire to make some changes. The massive open online courses according to Shrivastava and Shrivastava, are being touted as a major part of larger disruptive innovation taking place in higher education industry

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