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South Africa as a country, is known to be a free, democratic, and a developing country. Even more, most people refer to South Africa as the ‘’ Rainbow nation’’. Mainly because of its multicultural diversity, in addition to its long history of apartheid. However, because of its reputation, it has attracted many migrant foreigners from all over the world. Over the years, South Africa has been a host to a variety of African immigrants. For instance, in the 1980s, they welcomed immigrants from Mozambique and Nigeria. Hence, in the early 1990s, other immigrants from Angola, Somalia, Rwanda, and Burundi. (McKnight, 2008). According to the United Nations, High Commissions of Refugee about 1.9 million immigrants live in South Africa, making up 3.7% of the population, more than anywhere in the world (UNHCR 2009; IOM Facts and Figures 2010). However, this conveys the exact numbers of immigrants now living in South Africa. However, despite its well-known reputation and freedom from its history of apartheid. Race, violence discrimination, and hostility continue to haunt the country till today. Moreover, these elements are what can be interpolated as Xenophobia. In this report, I will be outlining the various perspectives on the issue of Xenophobia. With the debate in question; what are the leading factors behind Xenophobia in South Africa.
Moreover, Xenophobia is defined by most dictionaries as “the fear and hatred of strangers or foreigners or of anything that is different or foreign” (, n.d.). In South Africa, it is understood to be as the often violent dislike of foreigners, the “makwerekwere”. Likewise, Black foreigners in South Africa have often been referred to as “amakwerekwere” or “amagrigamba” these terms ...

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...lone, he exemplifies that this process of exclusion is a political process whereby the state plays a key role, and only politically marginalised groups are being excluded. On the other hand, Paul Boateng, Commissioner for the United Kingdom, raises up a question onto the issue of citizenship. He questions, “how does South African Nationalism, which has been promoted after a period of racial segregation, i.e., apartheid to create solidarity in a fractured society, ensure that it is open to the diversity of peoples origin who will continue to be attracted to South Africa”? ( Recognizing Xenophobia? Citizen Attitudes to Immigration and Refugee Policy in Southern Africa, 2004). Furthermore, he claims that the dilemma of exclusive citizenship might have risen as a result of nationalism. As a result, it has created both inclusive and exclusive political communities.

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