Essay on South Afric and Its Participation in International Relations

Essay on South Afric and Its Participation in International Relations

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1. Introduction
2. South Africa as a liberal country
3. Elements of liberalism in South Africa
4. The hegemony of South Africa in its relations to the SADC
5. International Relations theories in South Africa in its relations with the SADC region
6. Conclusion
1. Introduction
South Africa has being disadvantaged in the past and it never participated international activities, but since it won its independence against colonial influence its position and status in the international interactions changed and it has been playing a role in the international interactions, especially in Africa. South Africa in the Interactions Relations it has been recognized as being one of the countries that have potential to carry out and influencing the political, social and economical development of other African countries.
2. South African as a Liberalist Country
South Africa is regarded as a liberalist country because its government and its governance contains the elements of liberalism and its exercises or participation in the international relations activities is one of a liberalist perspectives. South Africa is a representative democracy; its parliament is made up of delegated members who are elected from different parties. There is a Constitution which has the highest authority in the republic and it’s binding to every citizen in the republic, which is one of the elements of liberalism that’s constitutionalism. The ideology also acknowledges that individuals who live in societies are not totally autonomous. The ideology also recognizes societal obligations that an individual should fulfill in order to co-exist with others.
Looking at South Africa in the recent years; it has been participating in the internation...

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...y. The SADC is bound by rules of the organization; it is characterized by the promotion and enforcement of human rights. In the international arena South Africa has interacted with a lot of states and its intervention on issues such as poverty, it has being of grade achievement.

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