Essay on Sources Of Democratic Political System

Essay on Sources Of Democratic Political System

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Sources of democratic instability
There are different political systems adopted in ruling a state. The political system took might change periodically depending on the situation and the needs of the subjects. Democracy is a governing system whereby all the people are involved in the decision-making process through representations. The people of a particular state elect the leader of their choice who represents them in making decisions and formulation of policies. The policies and rules are formulated in a similar assembly or a parliament. Democracy has four broad elements, a political system elected trough fair and free appointment, participations of the citizens in the civic and the political lives. The citizens’ human rights and privileges must be legally protected. There must me a law that demands that all the legal procedures and requirements are applicable to all the citizens of the land. The need for democratic government has been a recent past phenomenon. It had been first applied in Ancient Greeks before it becomes popular after the abolishment of the slave trade. There are two forms of democracy in the modern world. In the direct democracy form, all the citizens are eligible with unswerving and dynamic participations in making the political decisions. In the representative democracy, the decision-making process and the political will remains in the hands of the elected representatives but the citizens remain with the sovereign power. The ability of a democratic political system to stay stable for a long time remains in the hands of the political figures elected within a state. The democratic political system is prone to instability. There are different and diversified causes to democracy instability within a ...

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...ate worldwide. International cooperation should be enhanced in order to increase transparency and high levels of integrity among the government officials. However, nongovernmental oversight bodies should be formed during the elections process to ensure free and fair elections. Such supervisory bodies should be involved in monitoring the administration activities to avoid corruption and resources mismanagement.

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