Soundness of Biotechnology Advancements in Agriculture Essay

Soundness of Biotechnology Advancements in Agriculture Essay

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The use of genetically modified organisms in agriculture is on the rise. Many scientists debate that genetic engineering in the agriculture field is the best way to answer many issues pertaining to poverty, environmental harm, food security, and the necessity for increasing competition in sales. In the other hand, others raise ethical issues relating to the health of the people who consume these genetically modified food, the potential damage to the environment as well as the welfare of the farmers and their food security.

Genetically Modified Organisms, short form (GMOs), refer to organism whose genome has been engineered in the laboratory in order to favour the expression of desired physiological traits or the production of desired biological products.1 The use of genetically modified organisms to improve the quality and production of agriculture is still an unanswered discussion topic. Biotechnology organizations are enthusiastically exploring in the research and development of new technologies that will improve food security and increase production of crops in both the developed and developing worlds. Dr. Miguel Altieri, who is a noticeable UC Berkeley scientist, stated that GMOs can enhance food security in the developing world relies on two assumptions: hunger is due to a gap between food production and human population density or growth rate and that genetic engineering is the greatest or only method to increase agricultural production in order to meet future food needs.”2

Several objectives of applying biotechnology in agriculture are related with the reduction of poverty. By introducing GMOs into the agriculture field, it is estimated to increase rural incomes, provide more healthy foods, as well as undergoing produ...

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