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Not too long ago I read where some undiscovered drawings of Leonardo da Vinci where found on the back of one of his paintings. It seemed that old ‘Leo’ never stopped working. He would use whatever resources were at his disposal to get the job done. He was constantly laboring to finish the next big project. That is, hopefully, what this book is all about. Starting something and then seeing it through to the end.
Being willing can only help provide the motivation to get you started. You must choose to do something about your problems by taking initiative. This is the best way on how to deal with the life-damaging difficulties you may find yourself, or a loved one, tangled in right now. But it is not enough to start something. In order for a difference to be made in your life, you must have a plan. And not just any plan. You need to come up with a SOULUTION that will see you to the end of that plan. Not just any plan will do. You need a plan that will lead you out of bondage and into freedom.
July of this year marks the fifteenth anniversary of my being involved in the ministry of helping people recover from their addictions and life-controlling habits. I have been working on the concept of this book for the last six or seven years. As I look back over these years, a lot of things have taken place in my family, my ministry, and my life. I can truly say that God is no respecter of persons. I am so glad that He can take ordinary people, place them in unusual circumstances and do extraordinary things so that lives can be changed for the glory of God.
I have also come to believe that my life is a product of my experiences. Some were good and some were bad. I would like to think that I have learned from the bad ones and...

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Reading this book will also help you gain access to the SOULUTIONS that will help you to overcome these problems once-and-for-all. I know some of you might be wondering just what is so special about these SOULUTIONS. These are not just ideas or concepts but they are SOULUTIONS, just like the word implies, that reach into your very soul. They will help you to identify the root problems you are dealing with. These are the problems that really need to be dealt with. And I want to help you create a radical change in your thought process and behavior that will lead you to SUCCESS. S.U.C.C.E.S.S. is an acronym I have come up with that means; Supernatural Understanding for Conquering Chaos & Eradicating Self-Sabotage. You need this supernatural understanding for conquering chaos and eradicating the self-sabotage in your life, in order to have your SUCCESS.

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