The Sorrow Of A Wise Man Does Not Show Pity Essay

The Sorrow Of A Wise Man Does Not Show Pity Essay

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When it comes to pity, misericordia, it is seen as the sorrow of the mind brought about by the sight of the distress of others. Therefore it is easy to say that the wise man does not show this because he does not feel anyone else emotions but his own. One man is only responsible for his own emotions and when it comes to pity it is the sorrow that is shown in other people. Therefore this is the idea that a wise man does not show pity for another because pity is based upon the sorrow of another individual rather than their own. They can feel sorrow for themselves as well as the other emotions but as soon as it comes to the sorrow of another individual and feeling the sorrow for another individual that is when it turns into pity. Also it is stated that for one to show pity there must be mental suffering for the individual showing the pity. That is saying that the individual showing the pity is going to be feeling the same feelings as the other individual and that is not always possible. It is also said that pity is seen as a weakness therefore no wise man will show pity and be seen as being weak. The power for one individual is seen from the actions and the way in which they interact with other individuals. A wise man will show is strength by now showing pity to other individuals because those feelings that are from pity are not their own. A wise man will now show his sympathy to anyone therefore he will not said assistance to the less fortunate however he will look upon them. He will willingly watch the less fortunate but he will not send aid such as god, he will see what is going on but will not said aid to change or help what has happened.
I would have to say that when it comes to the Latin terms and the phrases such...

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... I would have to say that we are extremely selfish people and American’s are not as willing to reach out a helping hand to the people around them. This is very sad yet I think that is just how our society has turned. It is still seen that American’s are very helpful with one another and are very helpful to the ones around us that who need help. However with pity his view is very different because most normal people show each other pity. The ones who do not show pity are usually the closed minded, worthless, selfish people who believe it is not their place to feel pity for another because it is not their life and it is not their problem. Americans like to turn their head to the people who are less fortunate than themselves. However it is seen that we are the first to show pity and compassion for others even when it does not have anything to do with themselves.

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