Sony’s Improvements in the TV Industry Essay

Sony’s Improvements in the TV Industry Essay

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Sony’s improvements in the TV Industry
In recent years, the sales of Sony’s televisions have severely decreased, mainly due to their high prices and affordability. Sony needs to lower their prices during this economic downturn while ensuring consumers the same quality products as before. We concluded that individuals with greater income and those who budget their money are more willing to invest in a premium brand television such as Sony. While the price remains one of the underlying factors on which television to purchase, the quality, and reliability of the television outweighs the price when making the final decision
Literature Review
By looking at Sony’s 2009 Annual Report, we can see the struggles that the electronics industry has faced over the past year. Television sales have declined rapidly compared to its competitors, Samsung, Panasonic, Mitsubishi, and many others (Annual Report 2009). By researching expert and consumers reviews of Sony’s products on several different websites, we have concluded that Sony’s televisions are priced reasonably higher than its competitors are. Vidhu from NY stated at his review of Sony’s KDL-46W5100 46 TV, Bravia W Series LCD HDTV “Wow! This TV rocks, and the internet features on are great! The image is far superior then the V series I previously owned and the sound might not be as good as hoped , but hey who listens to TV speakers anymore anyway ![...] And the Price ,,,Dare I Say it WAS INSANE ! Hats off to you guys on 9th ave. (Vidhu, 2009).” Another review, this time from an expert at stated “The all new Sony KDL-40XBR7 is near-perfect especially for those who were impressed with Sony's XBR8 series LCD TVs but shied away from buying it due to their exorbitant price...

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... is your overall opinion of Sony as a company and would you recommend others to purchase a Sony TV regardless of its price.
We wanted to see if the consumers were happy with their purchases and if they would spread good messages about Sony to potential customers. Grace responded, “I have allot of respect for Sony, they work hard to get the perfect product out to their consumers. They stand by their products. I would definitely recommend a Sony product to others (Grace Schneider, Personal Communications, Feb. 22, 2010).”
If Sony advertises its televisions at a lower, more affordable price with the same quality as before, more people will be apt to purchase a Sony television. Most of the responses were predictable, but the one that surprised us the most is that some people take cheaper prices over higher quality when it comes to their financial decisions.

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