Essay about The Song Ooouuu Based On The Content

Essay about The Song Ooouuu Based On The Content

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I selected the song OOOUUU based on the content. Young M.A covers various important topics such as race and gender through the media she creates. This video is mainly of the singer and her friends hanging out, drinking, displaying money and waiting for girls to call or text them. The lyrics relate to the video because it talks about drinking too much Hennessy and the video displays her and her friends drinking straight out of the bottle; it also depicts that they have “liquor by the boatload”. She has had bad experiences with marijuana with the Bloods gang that she was associated with and is expressed through the lyric, “The loud got me movin’ slow-mo”. The genre of the song is hip-hop/rap and is targeted towards high school and college aged individuals especially those of color or lesbians because the singer Young M.A is a black lesbian. M.A also identifies as a “dyke” and openly elaborates it in the line, “Dyke bitches talking out they jaw Next minute, calling for the law This 9 will have 'em calling for the Lord They ain 't getting shmoney, so they bored” meaning that she does not identify with the stereotypes of dykes such as snitching or gossiping but rather displays the masculine traits associated with it. Young M.A has gone through a lot in her lifetime and demonstrates it through her lyrics. For example, the lyric, “My brother told me: "Fuck 'em, get that money, sis!" You just keep on grindin ' on your hungry shit Ignore the hate, ignore the fake, ignore the funny shit ‘Cause if a nigga violate, we got a hunnit clips (grrrrrrrah!) And we go zero to a hundred quick (ooouuu) We just them niggas you ain 't fuckin ' with (oh no)” which was written about her brother that was stabbed to death when she was only seventeen and h...

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...rials, this video is teaching that drinking and wealth are considered cool and that the group in the video were the in crowd. You want to be more like them. They also state through the lyrics and video that objectifying as well as degrading women is okay. Race was also a large factor because the only race represented is the black population and the language they used towards those of color was not only degrading but would be racist if it is said by anyone who is not black or is used outside of rapping context. Gender played the largest role in the media due to M.A’s sexuality, gender, and sexist approaches. M.A being an open lesbian that identifies on the male side rather than the female side may help empower young women to be more open with their sexuality and identification. Overall this song was a perfect one to analyze due to the rich and highly explicit content.

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