Essay on The Song ' Human ' From Her Head Or Heart Album

Essay on The Song ' Human ' From Her Head Or Heart Album

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What is being human are we supposed to somehow be perfect without flaws or can we be a little imperfect? Are we humans not permitted to show weakness, do we need to act more like machines with no flaws in them? Christina Perri’s song “Human” from her Head or Heart album, refers to being able to admit your defaults and allows you to accept them without changing yourself. The song “Human” by Christina Perri uses repetition, connotation, symbolism and metaphor to reveal show that we’re human that have faults, furthermore we cannot be expected to always be 100 percent perfect without faults and we should not change for anyone.
We’re human that have faults, furthermore we cannot be expected to always be 100 percent perfect without faults and we should not change for anyone. The song’s constant use of repetition of “I can...” is saying that we can do anything that we want, but then we’re are introduced to “I’m only human”, contradicts themselves. “I can do it/But I 'm only human” (11, 14). Christina repeats these two words throughout the song making us think about it and understand that it’s okay to not be perfect. We see that the singer is trying to make herself believe that she cannot be flawed, because then she will be happy. But then she goes to tell us that she only human, which we realize we 're not perfect, yet it 's fine like this. The singer makes us relate to her as she repeats; “And I bleed when I fall down/I 'm only human/And I crash and I break down/Your words in my head, knives in my heart/You build me up and then I fall apart/ 'Cause I 'm only human, yeah” (15-20). We can imagine it as well as relate to it as we have all once done this from time to time. The repetition in “Human” helps us understand what Christina...

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...urt by those words.
The song “Human” by Christina Perri uses repetition, connotation, symbolism and metaphor to reveal that we’re human that have faults, and we cannot be expected to always be 100 percent perfect without faults, and should not change for anyone. These poetic techniques reveal a powerful message that we are imperfect humans and it’s alright to admit it. We are just humans that have limitation for us and we cannot change it because we are not these superhuman, which can do all these extraordinary things. “I can hold my breath/I can bite my tongue/ I can stay awake for days/ If that’s what you want” (1-4). There will always be people that we cannot please, because they want us to act and look a certain way. Instead, we must accept that we all have flaws. All we could do is work on them the best we can, but we should never make us be someone we are not.

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