Song Composition and Awareness and Recognition of Boy Bands Essay

Song Composition and Awareness and Recognition of Boy Bands Essay

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In the Pop Music world, there is one very specific type of music group that stands out amongst all others. This would be Boy Bands. Boy Bands have always dominated and continue to dominate the pop scene. The reasons for this are multifarious and each deserves adequate explanation. The First reason, of course, is the music itself. It has a drawing power that is significant and individual. The natural hormonal allure of the boys themselves is the second reason. The target demographic for Boy Bands is pre-teen girls, and the band’s marketer appeal to this group expertly; they groom and dress and style the boys in the band to perfection. The final reason is their performances. Boy Bands have a habit of putting on stellar, over-the-top performances. The combination of all these aspects in the perfect way produces the awe-inspiring crowd-drawing money-magnet that is the Boy Band.
First, a brief history of Boy Bands: Many consider the Beach Boys to be the very first Boy Band. Formed in 1961, they are most often referred to as Surf Rock, and differed from most modern Boy Bands in that they played instruments instead of just being a vocal ensemble. They topped the charts, and are the only band to ever have had 36 of the top 40 songs at one time. The greatest correlation to modern Boy Bands The Beach Boys have is their use of dramatic vocal harmonies, also present in modern Boy Bands, of which I will speak later. The next Boy Band came many years later in 1984 with the formation of New Kids on the Block (NKOTB). They paved the way for other modern groups. Their style of singing was known as bubblegum pop, and this style became the norm for future Boy Bands as well. Their popularity began to fade in the mid-nineties when they began to be r...

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...nd draws you in, their appearance says that they’re cool, and their shows are spectacular. Their track record completely supports this information as well. Generation after generation is captured by their unique brand of musical stylings
This is true to the point where it is hard to keep track of each individual Boy Band. Naturally, it is easy to keep track of bands with large gaps of time between them, such as The Beach Boys and Boyz II Men, or New Kids On the Block and The Jonas Brothers, but when the time intervals get closer together, they get harder to keep track of just by hearing their music. The solution to this is actually quite simple. If you have a problem sorting out Boy Bands, then you should listen to them all the time, to the exclusion of all else until you have it down. This concludes my academic paper on boy bands

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