Son House : A Famous American Blues Singer And Guitarist Essay examples

Son House : A Famous American Blues Singer And Guitarist Essay examples

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Vin Signorile
MU 290-50
Professor Muller
September 16, 2015
Son House
Son House aka Edward James House, Jr. was a famous American blues singer and guitarist. He was born March 21, 1902 in Lyon, Mississippi on the Mississippi River Delta on a plantation where he lived for a while. He died October 19, 1988 in Detroit, Michigan at age 86 from Alzheimer’s disease. He was known for his “highly emotional style of singing and slide guitar playing” (BBC 1). He did not start out as a singer and guitarist. He started out as a church pastor and then when he was twenty-five years old he turned to performing blues. It was not easy for Son house to sell records at first. This is because it was around the time of The Great Depression, which plagued many people, so people had more important things to worry about rather then buying records. Son House didn’t sell many records during that time, yet he still remained popular.
Son House was the middle child of three brothers, while his dad Eddie House Senior was a musician as well, played the tuba. House got married at the young age of nineteen going against his families orders. He married Carrie Martin who was known as a farm girl. Once they got married they moved to a farm town in Louisiana to try and take care of Carrie’s father’s farm. However, after a few years later, he left Carrie and referred to her as nothing but a New Orleans whore. This was a rough time for Son House because as this was going on with Carrie his mother passed away. This remained a tough time for him for a few years until 1927, when he found himself.
In 1927 House had a major change of heart and decided to say bye to religion and hello to art. He bought a guitar and found a couple of friends to play with that were known...

... middle of paper ...

...le, MS, indeed” (Koda 1). During the early 70’s, House’s health had begun to disrupt his work because he wad diagnosed with both Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. He eventually lost his battle and passed away in 1988, but not before he was rightfully entered into the Blues Foundation Hall of Fame in 1980.
When someone thinks of Son House, the first thing that should come into their mind is blues. He had his fair share of issues in his lifetime but he has overcome them and achieved so much. He has had 14 albums, which stand out. His most popular era was in the 1930’s when he recorded his biggest hits with Paramount Records, “My Black Mama’ and “Preachin’ Blues.” That was one of his biggest contributions and really defined the blues. He was a very special man, with a powerful voice and an unbelievable guitarist. He may have died, but his legacy will last forever.

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