Some Information on Herbivores and Carnivores Animals Essay

Some Information on Herbivores and Carnivores Animals Essay

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Herbivore: The Wild Rabbit
Wild rabbits eat grass, wild flowers, weeds, and farm and garden crops. In winter, their diet changes slightly to buds, twigs, bark, conifer needles, etc. Rabbits, like hares, tend to re-ingest their faeces in order to further digest it. This process is called ‘coprophagy’. (Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife, 2014)
Feeding Habits
The rabbit feeds frequently–up to 30 times per day of 2–8 g of food over 4-6 minute periods. (Johnson-Delaney, 2006) The quantities rabbits need to eat depend on age/lifestyle/general health. Rabbits become overweight and may suffer if eating more food than needed. (RSPCA, 2014)
Rabbit Dentition and Dental Formula
Rabbits' teeth grow continuously and thus they need wearing down. They can be kept at the correct length/shape by eating grass/hay/leafy green plants. Not eating the right diet results in dental disease. (RSPCA, 2014)

Teeth Shape and Size
Rabbits have incisor teeth and ‘cheek teeth’. Their incisors (at the front of their mouths) are paired, curved and are relatively large. Their check teeth have deep grooves on the sides and the width of top and bottom check teeth are unequal. The cheek teeth are relatively small and are used for crushing and grinding leaves, twigs, etc. (Kressin , n.d.) Rabbits do not eat meat and so they do not have canines.
The Digestive System’s length and complexity
The rabbit’s digestive tract is roughly between 4.5 to 5 m in length. (Johnson-Delaney, 2006)It is a highly complex structure that processes and digests food, largely with the help of bacteria. (Wilson, 2010) Rabbits have a specialised digestive system suitable for their high-fibre diets. As the food passes through their digestive systems, enzymes break down the food so...

... middle of paper ... if there is loss of bamboo in their area, they also experience a loss of habitat which is a threat to their survival. (World Wide Fund For Nature, n.d.) (Travel China Guide, 2014)
Giant Pandas will occasionally eat meat, like small rodents, despite having adapted to a mainly vegetarian diet and being fairly unskilled predators. This could be the reasoning behind favouring bamboo as it is readily available all year-round. (How Stuff Works, Inc, 2014)

Length and Complexity of Digestive System

Due to the panda having a digestive system similar to that of a carnivore, much of the plant matter that is eaten is passed out as waste. (Smithsonian Institution, n.d.) The Panda’s digestive system has partially adapted to digest bamboo. They have tough lining in their throats, oesophaguses and stomachs, as well as enlarged surface area in the colon. (Lopez, n.d.)

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