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Somalia: A Country in Need Essays

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Many countries around the world know about the numerous issues Africa has been dealing with for years. However, only a few countries know what specific problems the African people of Somalia live through every day. The problems that occur in Somalia not only affect how the citizens live, but their mental and physical appearances. Somalia is a country located on the east coast of Africa, opening them up to major issues with piracy. Piracy causes chaos to Somalia and prevents the country from focusing on more important matters. Worldwide political issues and governmental problems also affect how Somalia works and the citizens live. The weak government invites attacks from other African countries and leads to rash decisions when in moments of crisis. Somalia is faced with health issues, mostly due to lack of resources, which causes the deaths of millions every year. The major issues that affect Somalia are piracy, governmental problems, and widespread health issues.
For years, the pirates of Somalia have been the predator of the seas, hijacking ships and making millions of money every year. Piracy has become a major threat to both the Somalis and international ships that pass through the area. Armed, Somali pirates easily took over the crews and control of huge ships, holding them hostages until they received the money they demanded. A crew from Germany reported “[they were] under fire from pirates armed with bazookas and machine guns…boarded the pirate vessel and took the nine into custody”.1 Unfortunately for the crew, all the contact information is aboard the ship. Therefore it makes it easier for the pirates to negotiate for their money. The pirates are said to never negotiate money themselves and instead use a middle man. As F...

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