Solving The Problem Solving A Solution Essay

Solving The Problem Solving A Solution Essay

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Problems in our lives, big or small, often have a variety of solutions. Yet, finding the best solution comes from understanding the problem. As Informatics Problem Solving lecture noted, the process of building a solution comes from a series of general steps: gathering data, analyzing that data, formulating a solution, and implementing that solution. With that, it is very important to dismiss solutions that come from “common problem solving mistakes”. For example, one common mistake is jumping hastily to a solution (Onesti 2016, Problem Solving [PowerPoint slide 45]). This can be seen commonly in software releases, such as in the extreme example as reported by Mike Wheatley of Silicon Angle in 2015, about the the effects of a hasty solution in the U.S prison system. In this example, “more than 3,200 prisoners [were released] early due to a software bug in their computer systems.” The software was meant to address the problem of effectively tracking prisoner “time credits”, but instead, due to its lack of testing, resulted in “serious errors with serious implications,” said Jay Inslee, Governor of Washington (Wheatley 2015). This, on a large, very serious scale, highlights the importance of testing solutions, making informed decisions, and ultimately not jumping to hasty decisions.

Wicked Problems, as defined during the Informatics Problem Solving lecture, are “Difficult or impossible to solve [problems] because of incomplete, contradictory, and changing requirements that are often difficult to recognize” (Onesti 2016, Problem Solving [PowerPoint slide 22]). These types of problems are characterized by several aspects, such as solutions to these problems are unique. This means that the value of the solution, or the measure of i...

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...roducts right on their home-page (Belsky, 2010). This allows them to gather and analyze data of potential problems become they become an issue, a method outlined in lecture by Nina Onesti, known as the “designer process” (Onesti 2016, Problem Solving [PowerPoint slide 15]). This type of real-time user data allows Google and Apple to “make major changes to their products while they are in beta – and these changes are made based on rock-solid analytics” (Belsky, 2010). The importance of this modern design to solutions cannot be stressed greater, as the amount of data continues to grow larger and larger, the speed at which to access it can be the difference between a products success or failure. Thus, as the Beta Principle becomes more widespread, its reasonable to believe that finished products will become more and more in tune with consumer demands and satisfactions.

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