Essay on Solving The Intermediate Level And Learning The Right Music

Essay on Solving The Intermediate Level And Learning The Right Music

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The essential concepts needed to transition to the intermediate level are learning the notes on the piano, establishing a rudimentary foundation in theory, obtaining proper form and technique, practicing finger exercises and learning the right music. (Slide 1 and 2)

The first tip in learning how to play the piano is learning many keys are present, and where each note and octave is located. A standard piano has 88 keys that is encompassed in seven octaves. Although there is 88 keys, there are only twelve notes which includes A, B, C, D, E, F and G and their accidentals. To help find notes, there is a repeating patterns throughout the piano that consist of two black keys followed by three black keys. The note that is to the immediate left of the two black keys is C, and the note immediately to the left of the three keys is F. These two notes will help guide the beginner to other natural (white keys) five notes. It is important to ignore what the accidentals or black keys until the novice begins learning music theory. It is customary to start learning on the fourth octave on middle C, the base of the piano. The learner must also know what octave he or she in at all times. The octave changes every time there is a C note. Once the learner is familiar enough with the piano, they can proceed to learning music theory. (Slide 3)

Music is notated on sheet music, which are the instructions on how to perform it. Time Signature is the rhythm of the music. The numerator or top number assigns how many beats go into each measure. The denominator is indicative of how many beats goes in to a “whole note.” Measure or a bar is a boundary that separates how many notes goes in each section. Measures are separated by bar lines. (Slide 4)

In general, ...

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...the songs they want to learn. Specifically, learning basic songs they are interested in playing. If the learning does not want to play the song, they will become uninterested and it will deter them from playing. It is always recommended to start off with a basic songs, transition over to intermediate, and eventually to the more difficult pieces of music. (Slide 13)

Another thing I’ll cover is YouTube tutorial videos and the aid it offers learning songs. The Tutorials help because the beginner has can both visually see and hear what is going on. However, there are drawback associated with using this method to learn music. Some tutorials aren’t explained well, and using this method will inhibit the novice’s ability read sight read. Sight reading is the ability to read sheet music and play piano simultaneously, which will enable the novice to learn faster. (Slide 14)

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