Solutions to Sustain Freshwater Essay

Solutions to Sustain Freshwater Essay

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Would it be possible for humans to live without water? The answer is no because fifty percent of water is inside human bodies. In other words, water supports human lives, so every person is supposed to drink at least two litres of water everyday because it predominantly prevents them from being dehydrated. In terms of being the priceless resource, water is used in many fields such as agriculture, industry, business and so on. All preliminary products are comprised of water. Due to the abundance of water, most people seem not to be concerned about the way they consume this crucial resource. For example, in some countries, there are no dirty water treatment systems practising, and everyone can use water as much as they can as the price of water is cheap, too. However, in some countries, they lack water to access regularly and need to do trade with others in exchange for water. Also, Rogers (2008) notes, “that the problem is well-known makes it no less disturbing: today one out of six people, more than a billion, suffer inadequate access to safe freshwater” (As in New Delhi, para.3). There is no limit of the use of freshwater between one country to another, and it depends on the place people live. Even though there is a lot of freshwater available on the earth, we, people, should be worried about the proper water consumption. In order to thwart the water crisis from occurring one day, we should reverse our trend of using water by desalinating seawater, recycling waste water and reducing the unnecessary demand of water.
The first solution to deal with the problem of water scarcity is to desalinate seawater. Getting freshwater from the sea is taken into account because seawater is much more than freshwater in reality. As Villiers (19...

... middle of paper ...

...hwater is vital for humans to survive, but they should be more concerned about the problems of water scarcity that can happen in the future. Everyone should start to adapt these solutions such as desalinating seawater, recycling waste water and reducing water demands in order to maximize the fact that there is still the abundance of freshwater to use in a long time.

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