Solutions for Lowering Alcohol Consumption Essay

Solutions for Lowering Alcohol Consumption Essay

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A couple years ago, a young man named John Doe left a sports bar with too much alcohol in his system. Miserable John could barely walk while catching the attention of ongoing cars and pedestrians. Eventually he found his car and made the mistake of sliding into the driver seat and starting up the engine. Far from sober, Johnny began driving and nearly took out a pole in the parking lot. However that did not stop him from driving. From crossing red lights to speeding on the highway and cutting other drivers off, things did not look like they were going to get any better for John. Once again, the reckless drunk driver caught everyone’s attention; everyone except the young lady crossing a street while on her phone. Before she knew it, the white Sudan came at her at eighty miles per hour. The young lady was not the only one who lost her life to a drunk driving incident, Joe passed away as well.
Johnny had no self-control when it came to drinking, “drunkenness includes slurred speech, drowsiness and, sleep disruption” (DrugAbuse 1). Due to too much alcohol in his system, he had no idea what he was doing or getting himself into when sitting behind the steering wheel. Intoxication, irresponsibility, and lack of self-control took the life of Johnny Manzeeel. Alcoholic beverages like wine, beer, and spirit plague this world with problems like underage drinking, drinking irresponsibly, and health problems.
Alcohol related deaths all come from irresponsibility. Legal adults who do not know their drinking limits, get a thrill out of being intoxicated, or cannot control themselves when drunk are prime examples of irresponsible drinkers. Although one can be addicted to alcohol there are ways to drink responsibly. Drinking responsibly me...

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...fer, cleaner, and better place for everyone.
I hope to continue this project afterwards. Turning this solution into a reality would save many peoples’ lives as well as prevent others from death in the process. If an alcohol license had to be used to purchase alcohol a lot more people would be healthy and sober. It would also stop alcoholics from purchasing drinks or at least make it harder for them to drink. If the solution is not successful I hope to at least bring more attention towards the negativity of alcohol because it seems like alcohol is in the limelight for the wrong reasons and is glorified for the wrong reasons. More people need to be informed about how exactly dangerous alcohol is to one’s life and how dangerous it is constantly drinking the beverage. Drinking alcohol can be a life changing experience and that’s not necessarily a positive thing.

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