Solutions-Focused Therapy Discussion Essay

Solutions-Focused Therapy Discussion Essay

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Solutions-focused therapy is a relatively new and welcomed therapy developed by Steve de Shazer and his wife Insoo Kim Berg, in 1979 at their institute, the “ Brief Family Therapy Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin” (Guterman, 2010, p. 350). Shazer was interested in how to “influence change” (Nichols, 2008, p. 346). Solution-focused therapy deals in solutions as opposed to dwelling on problems. Increasingly stringent budgeting constraints emphasize the need to develop shorter and more focused therapy sessions without sacrificing successful outcomes (Nichols, 2008). The drawback to solution-focused therapy would be that for those not experienced, therapists may be unable to decipher what real underlying issues are involved (Guterman, 2010). The therapist would need to know if a client who drank too much, also worked in a bar. In a case such as this and others like it, the solutions will take on different dimensions than to only refrain from drinking. Counseling clients often requires that the therapist is able to “read between the lines.” Training in the basics of solution-focused therapy can occur in just a few workshops, which does make it an enticing adjunct to other trainings (Guterman, 2010). Becoming proficient in the processes of solutions-focused therapy take more time than just a quick workshop, as proficiency oftentimes requires a shifting of central attitudes (Iveson, 2002).
Central to solutions-focused therapy are clichés relevant in working with clients. One of these clichés is fear freezes or stagnates a person while courage and faith can energize a person enabling them to move forward and progress. We know that clients experiencing fear and depression are sickler where as clients who are upbeat and positive...

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...therapist (Iveson, 2002).

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