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C3J Solutions Internet Connectivity Project Proposal
C3J Solutions would like to thank Northeastern Health Services, Inc. (NHS) for the opportunity to submit a proposal for the NHS internet connection project. Following is our proposal for an Internet connection that will meet the NHS business objective.
NHS is a Maine-based health services company who accommodates underserved patients in rural parts of the state. Recently, the NHS decided to expand services by adding branch offices in towns near the Canadian border to:
· Provide state-of-the-art health services to patients by offering medical imaging services with rapid diagnoses.
Northeastern Health Services plans to accomplish this by partnering with a medical analysis unit in New York. Accordingly, large medical image files (patient data) will be transmitted between destinations via fast Internet connection. To put it briefly, the NHS is expanding services to provide top notch health care services by partnering with regional hospitals to diagnose patients. But first, several obstacles must be addressed to meet the objective; most importantly, selecting the best internet connection for the job.
Health care companies are increasingly relying on networked information systems to share patient data and records. Therefore, choosing the correct internet access technology is key to any company who wants to be competitive in this environment. Fortunately for NHS, there are several internet access options available for this project; these include DSL, cable, T1, cellular, and satellite internet.
As noted in the RFP, Northeastern Health Services has access to cable, DSL, cellular, and satellite services; still, the following factors must be weig...

... middle of paper ...

...isticated solutions that can be complex; however, the NHS is a good candidate for these technologies.
C3J is confident the NHS is prepared to use these technologies, considering the healthcare industry is already adopting these technologies as it moves to digital records and networked information systems. Cutting edge medical technologies also compel the healthcare industry to be technically savvy. Collectively, healthcare professionals tend to be educated and comfortable using current technologies.
To sum it up, C3J Solutions is confident a cable business internet solution will help Northeastern Health Services provide state-of-the-art health services to patients. First, cable internet meets the specifications to rapidly send medical images between destination sites. In order to accomplish this, NHS will have to purchase a business account from a service provider.

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