Solution for The Problem of Bulimia Nervosa: Family Support Essay

Solution for The Problem of Bulimia Nervosa: Family Support Essay

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In the world today, people focus so much on their outward appearance when what is on the inside is what truly counts. Eating disorders such as bulimia nervosa have become a cultural habit, Research shows family support is the most effective solution for preventing and treating bulimia nervosa.
Usually, what causes a person to become bulimic is different for everyone; it could be as simple as uncontrollable diet habits due to a person’s low self esteem. People do not just wake up one day and choose to be bulimic, it usually starts out with dieting(Gilbert 71). When God created each person; He made them perfect in His sight, when people complain about their bodies it grieves His heart. When people look in the mirror and do not like what they see it can start to lower their self esteem. People who have a low self esteem typically compare themselves to others and if they do not look the same as the other people their self esteem can continue to diminish. A low self-worth is dangerous because it can lead to unhealthy dieting; and when people do not get the results they want when they want it from dieting, they can move to the dangerous trap of bulimia nervosa. Media has a huge part in effecting peoples self-esteem because movies, television, and all other forms of media can make people feel that there is an ideal way their bodies should look so they can be accepted by others (Burby 21). Everywhere people look there is a constant pressure to be thin. Sadly, if a person looks a certain way on the outside; thin and ideally beautiful, it is easier for them to be accepted and fit in. If someone where to look at the culture today it is all about what you need to chance to fit in; because everyone want s to be loved and accepted by others,...

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...l inside and say that they are truly beautiful inside and out because their heavenly Father created them perfectly, that will change our culture and all the people trying to tell them to change.
Lastly, to prevent bulimia nervosa people need to have a positive outlook and stop all of the negative attitudes toward their bodies. People need to take control of their life by accepting they body (Moe 115). If people would just accept that God made them exactly the way He wanted, and they are perfectly and wonderfully made. People need to learn how to tolerate imperfection in their own self and others (Moe 115). Once people accept who they are; even though they are not perfect looking on the outside, they can still be happy and their self-esteem will elevate because of confidence. With confidence, it will help their self-esteem and make them more pleasant to be around.

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