Essay about Solution for the IT Security Banking and Ethics

Essay about Solution for the IT Security Banking and Ethics

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Solution for the IT security banking and ethics

There are several solutions for the Islamic banking, IT security and ethics in where their practices should not contradict with the teaching of al-Quran but at the same time implement the technology to improve banking service to the society. Below are the solutions that might be suitable for the banking services to implement Islamic ethics in the business and their security perspectives.
What you should do and don’t during practices ethics and security in banking:
 Do not use Other People's Computer Resources without Authorization.
 Shalt Think About The Social Consequences Of The Program You Are Writing Or The System You Are Designing.
 Shalt Not Interfere With Other People's Computer Work.
 Protecting that Which is Yours
 Equity participation, risk and profit-and-loss sharing arrangements from the basis of Islamic financing.
 Bank on interest (riba), an Islamic bank cannot charge any fixed return in advance, but rather participates in the yield resulting from the use of funds.
 Interest-free banking is based on the Islamic legal concepts of shirkah (partnership) and mudaraba (profit-sharing)
 Always be aware of people who have physical access to your computer. The casual use of your laptop by a person you trust going to a dangerous site or opening a suspicious email, can blow your system out of the water.
 Protect your computer when you are not using it. Disconnect your computer from the Internet when you are not using it. Carefully consider your security settings. Examine all system settings, particularly the security settings, and select options that decrease your risk of data loss or intrusion.
 Back up your data. Protect your backups. When you make your data backups,...

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...on, the security controls used to protect it, and the communication channels used to access it must be functioning correctly. It is also important for authenticity to validate that both parties involved are who they claim to be. Information technology has been reshaping how the world communicates.
Evidence of the eagerness on the part of some Muslims to embrace such technology includes the spread of Islamic sites on the internet, some of which are dedicated to Islamic education and broadcast, while others are more of a commercial or entertainment nature. The relationship between information technology ethics and Islam has received very little or no attention. Ethics is defined as the study of what constitutes right or wrong behaviour. It is a branch of philosophy that focuses on moral values. Moral codes must follow the Islamic principles-al-Qur’an and as-Sunnah.

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