Essay on The, Solitary Spider, An Old Encyclopedia Software

Essay on The, Solitary Spider, An Old Encyclopedia Software

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"I never imagined to be all the way here" is what I told my mom as we were crossing the Mexico-US border after dropping a packet of papers to finalize my green card process. When I was about 8 years old I met my dad who was living here in the US when I was living in Puebla, Mexico with my mom. He made the offer to bring me here to the US to finish school and of course giving me a bigger pool choice of opportunities than I could ever get being in Mexico. Growing up in Mexico I still remember the days when I used to sit in front of our computer that didn 't have internet. I used to play pinball, solitary spider, once in a while play around in Paint and look around Encarta, an old encyclopedia software. Soon enough that became boring and I started to look at what other files were there in the computer, and played around with different settings. I became the troubleshoot person in the house because my mom and my sister would get frustrated when the computer froze, or it wasn 't doing what they wanted it to do. Later on I was in charge of my aunt 's paper supply store that had some computers for public use. Finally having internet I was involved in online gaming. I was amazed that I had the ability to play with other people in the world. Playing I met this guy and we talked about where we lived and what we did for a living. He said he was a software programmer, and I was curious and he taught me to write my first script ever, an "auto-run" for a flash drive! Ever since I was curious on how software comes to life.
Since I came to the US I did my best to adjust to the new environment, learn the language and finish high school. When I started taking classes at Highline College and after being introduced on what the computer science field...

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...ompany like Facebook or Google, because they are one of a few companies that are working on big projects like connecting the rest of the world where they don 't have access to Internet or self driving cars making safer roads.

I know UW Tacoma is the right institution for me to expand and develop my skills to become a software developer. I know is a well paid career but money isn 't everything I am interested in. Programming is something I enjoy doing and have a passion for because it allows me to create things that are useful to other people. I want to inspire the youth to create and reinvent. In two more years when I graduate I want to thank my dad and mom for their support and efforts that they have put into raising me up, to let them know that it has finally paid off. And once again tell my mom with my degree in hand: "I never imagined to get all the way here".

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