Essay on Solar Power And Its Effects On The Environment

Essay on Solar Power And Its Effects On The Environment

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1. Introduction
Due to the important of energy in the development of economic and prosperity of a country and with the growth of worldwide population and industrialization, the demand of energy has been dramatically increasing. However, the use fossil fuel to produce energy has many negative effects on the environment such as increasing the world’s carbon dioxide and depletion of fossil fuel resources which are serious issues these days. As the result, renewable energy, namely wind, solar, biomass and geothermal energy, has been encouraged by many countries as its sustainable use and not contributing to the world’s carbon dioxide emissions. Specifically, as the sun is the most abundant, reliable and pollution-free power in the world, solar power is becoming an alternative energy and has an immense potential to meet the future world’s energy demands. However, solar power depends on many factors such as the sunshine, weather and sun power systems which are potentially prevent it becoming a more utilized energy resource. The purpose of this report is to investigate the problems with using solar power as an alternative energy and suggest possible solutions to these. Firstly, this report describes two important problems with solar power, namely the expensive cost and low efficiency. Secondly, the report suggest that the support of government is a possible solution to the expensive cost and low efficiency can be solved by the development of technology in solar power system. Finally, this report concludes by proposing recommendations which governments and scientists can adopt in order to lessen these problems and make solar power become a reliable and widely utilized energy source.
2. The problems with using solar power as an alternative...

... middle of paper ... by subsidies and reduce the cost by incentives on tariff and policy for boost the development of solar energy. Secondly, the low efficiency may improve by the innovation of technology which are the technical and design improvement on photovoltaic systems, storage systems and concentrated solar power systems. The above findings demonstrate the need to mitigate problems with using solar power not only because it is an alternative energy but also because solar power has huge long-term benefits as an endless, sustainable and clean future energy. Therefore, this report recommends that government need more promotion in future to support and boost the research and development of solar energy system which also need the collaboration of the scientist on technical issues. A further recommendation is public encourage in order to widely utilize solar energy in the world.

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