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Essay The Solar Panels

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The year 2005 was the year of birth of the cylindrical solar panel manufacturing company-Solyndra based in Fremont, California. The company’s founder, Christian Gronet had a motive of growing the industry of energy through channeling his knowledge to this company. Based in California, the company played a key role in the growth of the technology as the power to enable the electronics is needed (Wood, 2012). Furthermore, the solar panels acted as one of the ways of supporting the use of the renewable sources. The headquarters of the company was based in Fremont, California USA. Solyndra supported the use of the copper to manufacture the thin film solar cells. The company manufactured and sold the solar that were composed of panels which fit on the roof tops of the building. By placing these panels on low-slope rooftops horizontally, they were able to perform better. Their design, that is, cylindrical in shape ensured there was optimum absorption of the sunlight. All the direct, indirect and reflected light was able to be utilized by these panels-a unique feature that made the company to be competent in the industry of energy. However, Solyndra never made it for long in the industry and the year 2011 became its end mark year in the energy industry.
The management and investors
Gronet has proved to be infamous at avoiding the limelight, however, there were two Solyndra executives whom chose to not self-incriminate and invoked their Fifth Amendment right when they were subpoenaed to testify in front of the House Energy and Commerce Committee. Moreover, inside the documents released by investigators on top of the numerous statements made by former Solyndra employees suggest that Gronet was the single reason of Solyndr...

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