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Solar Energy is Superior Essay

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Persuasive Essay: Solar Energy is Superior!
Did you ever think about where your drinking water comes from? The water that we drink was initially sea water that has undergone a scientific process called desalination. Desalination is a chemical process in which natural compounds are separated from water, making the water clean and drinkable. Traditionally, sea water is propelled through hydraulic pumps which create a flow to separate the water from the sea salt. Hydraulic pumps require certain chemicals that are harmful to humans and these chemicals sometimes are cross-contaminated in the drinking water being produced. Personally, I don’t want to drink chemicals that are threatening to my life and that cause harm to the environment. Many people would be uncomfortable if they knew what chemicals their drinking water may contain, especially if their children also consume it. The major drinking water producers should rely on solar energy to desalinate water which is a newer, cleaner, and safer alternative energy source.
The current system of not utilizing solar energy has major consequences; one is negatively impacting the environment. Hydraulic pumps have a rather simple composition that is explained well by a website that specializes in the hydraulic pump market,; the pump consists of two wheels that circulate via the churning of certain toxic chemicals. Between the wheels is a passage for water to flow through, then the water is drove through a filter that separates the water from salt or any other natural substances present. According to a site devoted to preserving the environment,, hydraulic pumps require certain liquid chemicals such as hydrochloric acid, methanol, and diesel fuel. All ...

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...ergy is more environmentally friendly, cost effective, and can be just as efficient as the hydraulic pump system. With this method of creating freshwater, companies and workers no longer have to worry about the chance that toxic chemicals may mix in with the water being created. These same people will also not have to feel guilty about using an excessive amount of water to help their process as well as not hurting our planet. You as the consumers will no longer have to worry about consuming water that is life threatening, even if you weren’t aware how hydraulic pumps worked and affect our drinking water. I believe that solar energy is our future, and the planet will greatly benefit from the use of this green method. Even as long as 100 years ago, the ingenious Thomas Edison was quoted saying “I’d put my money on the sun and solar energy. What a source of power!”

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