Sojourner Truth 's Early Life Of Being Born A Slave Essay

Sojourner Truth 's Early Life Of Being Born A Slave Essay

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Growing up during slavery times were hard on African American’s. Being treated the way they were they were treated was an injustice and something no one should ever go through. By analyzing Sojourner Truth’s early life of being born a slave, becoming a mother, having at least three of her children sold away from her, heading to freedom, fighting for abolition and women’s rights, advocacy during the civil war, her death and her legacy which lives on today. It is clear that Sojourner truth shaped her time.
Isabella Baumfree also known as Sojourner Truth. Back in her time African Americans were not actually called African Americans, we were called slaves, niggers, and other unruly names, but Ms. Truth stood for what she believed in and that was helping her people. She was born into a family of 12 (children wise) and they were all born into slavery. Her parents went by the names of James and Elizabeth Baumfree in the town of Swartekill, in Ulster County, New York. James was a slave captured in modern day Ghana and Elizabeth also known as Mau-Mau Bet, was the daughter of slaves in Guinea. They were owned by Colonel Hardenbergh and lived at an estate in Esopus, New York which is about 95 miles away from New York, which was also controlled under the dutch and they also spoke their language. No one really knows the actual date that she was born, but whenever that may have been, know a legend was born.
After her owner’s death, a 9 year old Truth, known as Belle at the time, was sold in an auction in 1806 with a flock of sheep. It was the most violent and harsh time that she could remember. Her new owner was a man named John Neely. She would be sold two more times in the next two. It was the most violent and harsh time that she could rememb...

... middle of paper ... memoirs were published under the title “The Narrative of Sojourner Truth: A Northern Slave”. She spoke at the first National Woman’s Rights Convention in Massachusetts. Being that she was black and born a slave, I’m sure it was hard to just get up there and speak her speech. This by far one of her biggest accomplishments. She than began to tour with George Thompson speaking to larger crowds on the subjects of slavery and human rights. With all of this occurring she still managed to deliverer a great speech called “Aint I a Woman?”. Her goal was to encourage woman during this time. She wanted to create a fine line for political equality for woman and chastised the abolitionist community for ailing to seek civil rights for all sex. She didn’t mine being open and expressing her feelings about all political rights leaving races without suffrage and political rights.

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