Soil Salinity in Bangladesh Essay

Soil Salinity in Bangladesh Essay

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There are many sever aboitic stresses threatening our environment and affecting humans in many ways. One of these major a biotic stresses that is a major problem in many areas of the world particularly in Bangladesh is the soil salinity. Also in Australia secondary soil salinity is a major problem. Soil salinity is defined as the content of soluble salt in the water or soil in arid areas. Such areas have insufficient rainfall or drainage to wash away the salt from the soil so that the plants don’t get affected. There are two major types of soil salinity. The primary or geological soil salinity and the secondary or dry-land soil salinity, the primary salinity is that the earth or soil was saline already before the human settlement. However the secondary soil salinity has been caused by human activities for agricultural purposes. Thus the water table rose close to the surface which affected the soil. Particularly in Australia It has been complicated to distinguish between primary and secondary soil salinity, when analysing a particular site, because the primary salinity has expanded due to human agriculture activities. Globally so many scientists have tried many techniques and strategies to reduce soil salinity, like developing salinity tolerant plants.
Cause of soil salinity
Soil became saline by two types of salinity. The primary and secondary salinity, primary salinity is the production of natural processes such as wind blow, weathering of rocks and rain depositing salt over thousands of years. In Australia salt has been naturally distributed unevenly throughout the country before the European settlements and its patterns or its impacts vary in eastern and western areas of the country Roberts AM et al 2009). In ...

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... Wayne H. Hudnall (2014) “Measurement of soil salinity using electromagnetic induction in a paddy with a densic pan and shallow water table” TECHNICAL REPORT. pp: 263–274 DOI, 12, DIO: 10.1007/s10333-013-0371-5- 5- -

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