Software Requirements Specification ( Srs ) Essay

Software Requirements Specification ( Srs ) Essay

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Customers are interested to book hoardings without facing any difficulties. The information is gathered through the trivial process which is obvious not enough to manage. To provide such relaxation to customers we develop application to book hoardings of the particular agent online with prior confirmation. Customer and Agent need to register on to application and after that further process can be carried out. The company/agent should post any of his hoarding online for booking purpose. Customer can book any of the hoarding without any time barrier for that he have to give his choices according to some criteria and from these hoardings are fetched and display to him. After that he give more details at the time of booking and from that agent have the right to accept or reject the request via confirming availability of that hoarding during mentioned period. Once booking was confirmed by agent customer have to further payment for it
Hence we are creating the whole booking procedure online through our software “Book My Hoarding”. Automated selection of the hoardings for the display to client according to the criteria set by him on filter tab. Agent can view students personal information as well as area of interest by just clicking on their name similarly students can also view company details uploaded on the site. Automated mail notification of payment receipt is send to the customers. For any query regarding booking or any other related to hoarding customer can send message to agent and getting related reply by agent by using chatting facility. In the end when customer host hoardings for his advertisement for some time duration and from that experience he can give feedba...

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...ication which is used by the customers to interact with the agents.

3.8 Purchased Components

The System Administrator will need to purchase the license for Apache Server. Mostly it is available with Windows Environment. So the system need not purchase any licensing products.

3.9 Interfaces

3.9.1 User Interfaces

The user-interface of the system shall be designed as shown in the user-interface prototypes.

3.9.2 Hardware Interfaces

The existing Local Area Network (LAN) will be used for collecting data from the users.

3.9.3 Software Interfaces

A firewall will be used with the server to prevent unauthorized access to the system.

3.9.4 Communications Interfaces

The Book My Hoarding will be connected to the Android Runtime.

3.10 Applicable Standards

The ISO/IEC 6592 guidelines for the documentation of android based application systems will be followed.

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