Software Piracy : A Burden On The Entertainment Industry Essay

Software Piracy : A Burden On The Entertainment Industry Essay

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Over the years, software piracy have become a burden on the entertainment industry. Software piracy is the unauthorized selling or copying of soft wares. This occurs by copying, selling or by downloading multiple copies of a software on personal computer without the authorization of the manufacturer. There are five common types of piracy the end user piracy, the Client-server overuse, internet piracy, Hard-disk loading and software copyrighting. According to BSA, the software industry lost 63.4 billion in revenue in 2012 due to software piracy. (Lerner)Artist spends a lot of time and hard work preparing their product therefore individuals should pay for their products, they are devaluing the artist hard work.
Many individuals commits piracy without being aware of it. Since most individuals do not read the license entirely. However they can still be charge of criminal and civil laws if they are caught committing piracy. Furthermore, individuals can exposed their computer to malicious soft wares by downloading music and movies on illegal downloading sites. One of the most used type of piracy used by companies is the Client-server overuse or Softlifting. It occurs when the user install a single user license on multiple computers. The Business Software Alliance collected millions of dollars in penalties and courts settlements from companies that committed Softlifting piracy. (Lerner)
Another type of piracy that individuals use often is counterfeiting. Counterfeiting is when individuals produce fake copies of a software, make it look authentic and sells it to others. The seller usually provide the box, CDs, and manuals, to make it look like the original product. The pirates usually use a CD-burner to make copy of CDs and make...

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...e access to a broader customer base.
In conclusion, piracy will not stop until someone make a move. No one wants to spent a huge amount on product, they will download software online because it is free. Lowering the price of products will not completely eradicate piracy but it will lower it. Companies has to take time and add more production to their products. Government should make and enforce more strict laws. If they keep charging individuals it will stop, it will scare individuals and cause them to commit less piracy. If piracy does not stop, artist will rebel and stop doing what they love. Human have to stop pirating individuals hard work and start supporting each other work. How would you feel, if you work hard on something and someone put your work in the garbage. Stop abusing artist hard work, if you want the product buy it, because it valuable to the artist.

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