The Software Development Life Cycle Essay

The Software Development Life Cycle Essay

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It is the collection of tools, including machinery, modifications, arrangements and procedures.
Examples: information technology, construction engineering and medical engineering

Software development life cycle
The software development life cycle is also known as software development performance. SDLC is a structure which is compulsory for development of software products.

Unified Process
It is a popular iterative and incremental software development process framework. The best-known and extensively documented refinement of the Unified Process. Unified process can be applied to different software organizations with different degrees of technical and managerial complexity across various areas and organizational cultures. UP is also referred to as the unified software development process.
• The Business Modeling discipline focuses on understanding business being automated by the system and capturing such knowledge in a Business model.
• The Requirements discipline focuses on understanding the requisites of the system that automates the business and capturing such knowledge in a Use-case example.
• The Analysis & Design discipline focuses on wearing down the requirements and planning the system and capturing such knowledge in an Analysis/Design model.
• The Implementation discipline focuses on enforcing the scheme grounded in the Implementation model.
• The Test discipline focuses on testing the system against the requirements based on the Test model.
• The Deployment discipline focuses on deploying the system based on the Deployment model.

System architecture
The term system architecture describes the structure, interaction, and technology of computer system components. Most of the systems architecture w...

... middle of paper ..., are represented in modern computers as strings of binary digits, or bits. Bits are used because 0 and 1 can be encoded in clearly recognizable electrical states, such as high and low voltage. A handful of primitive data types is represented and treated by a CPU, including integers, real numbers, types, Boolean values, and memory addresses.

In conclusion, the exploration of the different ways data is represented in modern computers, focusing particularly on the relationship between data representation and the CPU. The introduction of basic concepts and terminology of systems architecture and the understanding of the same helps in the foundation for the in depth knowledge of the hardware implementations of data processing, storage, and communication.


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