Software and Neworking Technologies Commonly Employed in the World of E-Commerce

Software and Neworking Technologies Commonly Employed in the World of E-Commerce

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Task 1 (a)
There are many things to consider when implementing an e-commerce system for the reliable transfer of money and goods online, as each part of the chain has to be analysed to make sure that it is not the weak link that will be the downfall of the entire system.

In this document, I will be outlining some of the more common forms of e-commerce hardware, software and networking technologies that are commonly employed in the world of e-commerce.

When choosing software to implement, one must think if it fulfils a number of criteria, some of these criteria would be things such as:
• Easy for the buyer to use, such as a “shopping basket” style interface
• Secure, for both the buyer’s details and the seller’s systems and information
• The design fits with the rest of the site that has been implemented into, as to appear seamlessly integrated with the rest of the site
• Making the customer feel safe, and that their details will not be stolen

In many cases it may be a better idea to use a third party, or “cybermediary” e-commerce based website, as they often have reputations for being fair and reliable, or, if nothing else, recognisable. One example of a third party e-commerce site would be that of PayPal; PayPal is quite possibly the biggest site at the time of writing based solely to the transaction of money for goods, and has features such as a “Resolution centre”, where the customer can give any complaints and have them seen to by the seller.

The main benefit of outsourcing in this manner would be that of the reputation that PayPal would lend to the business, as many people would not be comfortable giving their personal information and credit card details to a site that they have never heard of bef...

... middle of paper ...

...the alternatives against cyber-theft, as long as a reputable company is used.
The user does not generally have to remember a password to use their credit card, as the physical card, or the numbers, are generally all that is required. Can be very easy to use, and does not necessarily require the use of a credit card.
Cons Generally perceived as more unsafe from cyber-theft, as well as conventional theft of the physical card being a possible danger. Easier for people that the end-user knows in person to gain access by social engineering, and as such gain access to the victim’s funds.
In some countries credit cards are still not considered safe to use, and alternative methods of payment are recommended. Complaints departments of some organisations such as paypal, are notoriously hard to contact, with things such as contact numbers being completely unavailable.

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