Socrates 's Views On The View Of Greek Society Essay

Socrates 's Views On The View Of Greek Society Essay

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Because Socrates’ ideologies and beliefs went against the cultural expectation of Greek society at the time, he was prosecuted for being impious and corrupting the minds of Athenian youth. In the words of Euthyphro, being pious is doing what pleases the Gods. The reason Socrates was being accused of being impious was due to the fact that he did not believe in or acknowledge the Gods that the city of Athens believed in. His accusers also believed that he introduced new deities which was seen as corrupting the youth. This is because Socrates believed that Athenians did not truly understand the meaning of piety themselves. That’s why in the text Euthyphro, Socrates questions Euthyphro what is pious or impious. Socrates never wanted to indoctrinate his ideas onto anyone, for he himself did not believe his ideas were the absolute truth. This means that Socrates was not guilty for this crime. He constantly claimed that the only thing he knew was that he knew nothing, and that he did not believe his views were perfect or the absolute truth. Instead Socrates tried to allow people to think for themselves and question whether or not the information that they are being taught is correct . This is what Socrates felt was wrong with how Sophists taught. The Sophists accepted things before any factual evidence proved or disproved it, then they taught it to people who paid to learn, regardless of the lack of evidence. This is what Socrates wanted to change about how the Athenian people thought. Socrates used to say “To find yourself, think for yourself,” to try to advise people to think logically for themselves before believing what people tell them. Socrates’ accusers and the citizens who voted still accused Socrates of teaching others to follo...

... middle of paper ... is extremely difficult to have a proper understanding of Socrates’s character from his words not just based on others representation of the man. But, regardless if the representation of Socrates in Plato’s texts is incorrect, it does not have an effect on the actual ideological influence. This is because even if Socrates’ character is misrepresented, the ideas and ideologies that have been expressed in texts like Apology, Crito and Euthyphro are what are used in modern philosophy today. These ideas portrayed in such texts are what have heavily influenced modern day society. Whether or not Socrates actually voiced such ideologies, does not make much of a difference on the influence the ideologies have had. Socrates’ ideologies have brought the importance of knowledge, courage, temperance and justice. These virtues have since still held importance in the modern day.

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