Socrates 's Views On Plato 's Dialogue Essay

Socrates 's Views On Plato 's Dialogue Essay

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It is easy to read Socrates’s dialogue each as an individual story. It is more difficult to take into consideration every word that Socrates has said up to that point and allow that to influence the validity of the current position or argument Socrates is supporting in one specific dialogue. Though this may be more difficult we must take everything that Socrates has claimed to hold in every dialogue. While holding Socrates accountable for every position he has taken during his dialogues there is a potential contradiction between Socrates Apology and in his dialogue with Crito. Though this contradiction is clearly visible when focusing on just the idea of these claims, there are background beliefs of the Gods that allows both Socrates claim in his apology and his argument in the Crito dialogues.
In his dialogues with Crito , Socrates argues that it would be wrong of him to escape his death sentence because if he did he would be wronging the Athenian Laws. Socrates is determined to avoid wronging the Athenian Laws because he says that one must never do wrong to another. He explains that one way to wrong another is by failing to honor a just agreement, and as a citizen of Athens he has agreed to do one of three things:
1. Leave Athens
2. Persuade the Athenian Laws that their orders are unjust
3. Follow the orders of the Athenian Laws
Because Socrates has failed to leave Athens or to persuade the Athenian Laws, he has some justly duty to follow the orders of the Athenian Laws, and accept his death.
However, in his Apology , Socrates says he will disregard the orders of the Athenian Laws and continue practicing philosophy. Socrates has established that breaking a just agreement is wrong regardless of the reason. Therefore, to keep ...

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...tool that he uses to spread his God-given gift of the wisdom to see one’s own arrogance and as an extent of the order prohibiting him in using his gifts to honor the Gods.
Because all citizens are required to show favor to the Gods, any order that prohibits someone to honor the Gods is unjust. Consequently, the agreement must not be just and the disobeying of the Athenian Laws is not an act of wrong doing, but rather an attempt to act in a way that gives more favor to the Gods. There is not Contradiction for Socrates.
A powerful objection to this line of thought would be to propose that Socrates could show the arrogance of other by using a tool other that his philosophical questioning. In this case he would be honoring both the Gods and the Athenian Laws. Perhaps this is possible, but I fail to find a tool as useful as Socrates method of philosophical questioning.

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