Socrates 's Views On Nature Vs. Nurture Essay

Socrates 's Views On Nature Vs. Nurture Essay

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In the humdrum and mundane events of human life, the question is often wondered if certain abstract characteristics are given to individuals via nature or nurture. This notion has been the core of debates for centuries. The nature notion suggests that individuals are innately gifted with their talent. Adverse to nature is the idea that a person’s talents or skills are acquired through a knowledge that has been taught to them i.e. nurture. Like any debate, nature and nurture have their respective followers. Philosophical greats, such as Plato even offered his perspective on the nature vs nurture debacle. In his work, The Republic, Plato vicariously speaks his thoughts through his character Socrates. Socrates defends his view of justice against his friends Glaucon and Adeimantus. Socrates asserts that justice, in itself, is a naturally good and is desired. To defend his view of justice, Socrates must first construct what he believes to be a perfectly just city. Within his just city argument Socrates declares some things that are natural and other things that are nurtured. Socrates suggests two concepts: that every individual is naturally suited for a specific role and also the nurturing or education of an individual is imperative to that person honing their talent.
Glaucon states, that there are three classes that desirables belong in. There are things that are wanted because they are enjoyable and yield no benefit (joy); there are things that are good in itself and produces a benefit (health); and lastly there are unpleasant things that are beneficial (surgery). Glaucon would assert that justice fits into the last category, that it is irksome but works to a greater good. However, Socrates believes that justice find its way into the...

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... skill or talent. Like any skill or talent, justice must be nurtured so that it is at its peak and mastered form. The city that Socrates has built is perfect in his eyes because every denizen has been gifted with a talent, then properly educated on how best to use their talent, and lastly able to apply their just morals in everyday life.
Socrates believes that nature lends its hand in bestowing talents. He also believes that it is up to an individual to hone their talent with an education. The talents that people exude have been innately given to them, and the qualities by which they are performed have been taught to them. It is fair to say that justice is a natural because whether it is something that the majority says it is or something that is desired for name sake and its benefit; man ultimate has an innate desire for it and teach one another on how achieve it.

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